Electrical Safety Courses

UofA 8 Course Qualified Electrical Worker Series

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STND-571-Static Electricity
Understanding Basic Electricity for Electrical Safety
OSHA Electrical Requirements Less Than 600 Volts
OSHA Electrical Requirements Above 600 Volts
Guide to Electrical Safety Work Practices - NFPA70E
Guide to the National Electrical Code for Field Use - NFPA70
Recommended Practice for Equipment Maintenance - NFPA70B
Industrial Machines NFPA79
TTT-Instructor Course with ProjectInformation
Six Steps to an Electrical Safety Program
Electrical Audits/ChecklistInformation
STND-516 Combustible Dust NFPA-499Information
ET-111: Fundamentals of Electrical Science - MotorsInformation
ET-112: Fundamentals of Electrical Science - TransformersInformation
ET-114: Fundamentals of Electrical Science - Transformers IIInformation
MTRC-210: Motor Controls IInformation
MTRC-311: Motor Controls IIInformation
STND-210: Code and Power CalculationsInformation
STND-412: GeneratorsInformation