Electrical Safety Courses

Non-Electrical Skilled Worker

  • Electrical Safety for the Non-Electrical Skilled Worker

  • Electrical Safety For Welders

    Instructor: David Carpenter PhD

    Subjects: Hazards and Theories of Electrical Welding, Effects of Electric Shock on the Human Body, Stray Welding Currents, How To Recognize Electrical Hazards, Limitations of Electrical Work for Welders, Safe Practice and Accident Avoidance, Portable Equipment, Tools, and Appliances, Extension Cords, Electrical Safety-Related Work Practices, Reclosing and Disconnecting Circuits, How Arc Welding Machines Work 1910.254(b)(2)(i), How to Handle Wet Conditions 1910.254(b)(3)(iv), How to Approach Live Parts 1910.254(b)(4)(iii), Welding Conductive Paths, Several Welders On One Structure 1910.254(c)(3)(iv), DC Reverse Polarity 1910.254(c)(3)(iv)(A), AC Reverse Polarity 1910.254(c)(3)(iv)(B)

    Objectives: Basic Understanding of Electrical Safety as Applied to Welding, How to Recognize and Rectify Potential Electrical Hazards

  • Instructor Certification

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